janpusch.company is a collective network of experienced and emerging artists who have been collaborating successfully since several years and are closely connected by their artistic beliefs and approaches. Together with choreographer Jan Pusch as driving force they are creating and developing contemporary dance productions, performances and projects in different theatrical contexts. Concurrently the focus is on producing featurelength contemporary dance works with larger casts presenting them crossregionally and internationally. The program is complemented by further formats such as dance pieces for young audiences, double or triple bills with shorter works of different choreographers along with educational projects and movement workshops for different target audiences that are linked thematically to the respective performances.

Part of janpusch.company’s spirit is promoting the development of young artists. Particularly emerging choreographers and performers can gain professional experience in the frame of the company’s program and introduce their projects with the support of the collective. Next to the artists, janpusch.company works with a team of dramaturges, production managers and technicians who are very experienced in organizing and realizing guest performances and touring.

Performers Daniel Afonso, Sara Angius, Tillmann Buala Becker, Pin-Chieh Chen, Magnus Dovärn, Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Claudia Greco, Reija Heinonen, Chris Jäger, Martijn Dirk Joling, Lorena Justribó Manion, Frank Koenen, Beatrix Koller, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Gemma Miró Roca, Andrea Schuler, Charles Washington, Antonia Zagel

Management & Dramaturgy Philipp Amelungsen Costumes Wobine Bosch Video fettFilm Momme Hinrichs & Torge Möller Choreography Ilka von Häfen Composition & Sound Beat Halberschmidt  Communication Jana Popihn Choreography & Artistic Direction Jan Pusch Technical Direction & Lights Uwe Renken Video Timo Schierhorn Concept & Design Bettina Schröder Dance Education Bettina Stieler