Whenever we meet people we are communicating with each other – even when we are not speaking. Involuntarily we are permanently sending non-verbal messages that are noticed and interpreted by our counterpart. Talking with each other our body easily becomes the instrument that sets the tone. The body’s posture, the short look to the side, a small gesture: What does the other one really mean? What to trust in
Thus every encounter with others is as much a chance, as it is a venture, a riddle and a risk. Carefully we are feeling our way in a maze of signals and speculations, always looking for secure ground. What is expected from me? What are my hopes? Is there common ground? Will I get involved? How much will I reveal of myself?
In FIGURE OUT the stories tell between the lines in a choreography bursting with energy and rich in detail. A moving puzzle on perceiption, interpretation and relational uncertainties begins.

Between hammering beats and passionate moments with classical appeal Jan Pusch succeeds in establishing an almost cinematic world, offering a screen onto which the spectators can project their individual desires and dreams.

Braunschweiger Zeitung

  • Concept, Choreography & Stage Design Jan Pusch
  • Costumes Wobine Bosch
  • Light Design Frank Kaster
  • Dramaturgy Petra Thöring
  • Assistant to the Choreographer Ilka von Häfen
  • Stage and Costume Assistant Felicia Schick
  • Photography Andreas Etter, Volker Beinhorn

Premiered 2013

Creation Cast Sara Angius, Anna Aristarkhova, Tillmann Becker, Bettina Bölkow, Abel Cruz dos Santos, Magnus Dovärn, Salvatore La Ferla, Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Reija Heinonen, Chris Jäger, Beatrix Koller, Gemma Miró Roca, Nao Tokuhashi, Charles Washington

Cast 15 dancers

Stage (minimum) 10m x 10m x 5m (width x depth x height) - Portal: 9 m

Duration 70 minutes, no intermisseion

Music (compilation) Alva Noto, Amon Tobin, Max Richter, Michael Nyman, Ryuichi Sakamoto

For further information and also video footage of the full length performance please contact management@janpusch.de