Is there a free will or is someone or something in our head always ahead of us while we try to make up our minds?

AHEAD is an exploration of what might go on in our mental control center during the mysterious,complex and never-ending process of decision-making.

Jan Pusch succeeded in creating a captivating collage of explanatory approaches and ideas (…) a kaleidoscope of all the different factors possibly influencing our mental control centre, again establishing that his surprisingly versatile company is well worth seeing – especially when dancing.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

With his choreography, Director Jan Pusch has created images ranging from the comical/bizarre to the impressive, received by a very enthusiastic audience with big applause. (…) The dancers sing, talk, act, electronic and industrial sounds are followed by seemingly endless chords, harmony is followed by dissonance, there's baroque music as well as a classical waltz and of course there's also dance – performed with amazing precision, weightlessness, and unbelievable power and stamina. There seems to be no limit to the capabilities of movement and expression of Jan Pusch's dancers.

Cellesche Zeitung


Daniel Afonso, Anna Aristarkhova, Robert Bell, Bettina Bölkow, Abel Cruz dos Santos, Magnus Dovärn, Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Sebastian Geiger, Nuhacet Guerra Segura, Lorena Justribó Manion, Jared Marks, Beth Petkus, Anne Schmidt, Nao Tokuhashi, Antonia Zagel

Choreography, Direction: Jan Pusch

Music: Beat Halberschmidt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Henry Purcell, Emile Waldteufel

Set Design: Geelke Gaycken

Costume Design: Ullinca Schröder

Assistant tot he Choreographer: Ilka von Häfen

Conceptual Cooperation, Dramaturgy: Bettina Schröder

Photography: Nina Stiller

world premiere 25.02.2012, Staatstheater Braunschweig

Duration: 90 minutes

AHEAD was presented on tour in Moscow, TSEKH festival, 2012