HYPE is about the most successful modern fairytale – the story of being able to make it to te top – wherever that may be. The richest, most beautiful, most popular – the myth tells us that everyone can leave the others behind and be the ulimate best . The magic of the idea develops a strange pull, turning into an aim in itself, invading all parts of our lives. The perspective narrows down on the principle of adversity and competition, feeding on itself in a neverending spiral flow. The dancers and the musicians of the Orchestra find themselves on stage as solitary fighters in an uncompromising battle – at what price?


Anna Aristarkhova, Bettina Bölkow, Abel Cruz dos Santos, Magnus Dovärn,

Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Daniel Gillard, Chris Jäger, Lorena Justribó Manion, Frank Koenen,

Beatrix Koller, Beth Petkus, Nao Tokuhashi, Charles Washington

Choreography, Direction: Jan Pusch

Music: Beat Halberschmidt, Gunter Papperitz, Paul Dukas

Set Design: Geelke Gaycken

Costume Design: Wobine Bosch

Assistant to the Choreographer: Maria Nitsche

Conceptual Cooperation, Dramaturgy: Bettina Schröder

Photography: Andreas Etter

World premiere 23.02.2013, Staatstheater Braunschweig

Duration: 90 minutes