Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl, who had a cape from red velvet. For that reason, everyone just called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day, she met a rowdily robber deep down in the forest, who wanted to steal her basked full with delicious food for her sick grandmother. The moment he wanted to pilfer the basked, a frog came along, who had a bad headache because a golden ball fell on him. Oh, wait ...! Little Red Riding Hood together with a robber and the Frog King? Well, there are some things in big a tumble!

But that’s the big fun in Ilka von Häfen’s vivid dance piece for young people through the enchanted forest. You’ll meet well know characters from common fairy tales, who are mixed up together and get into completely new situations. From this follows a rapid and entertaining storyline about draws in a conga line up to The Ugly Duckling in tutu on point shoes. »Rumpelplotz & Rotstilzchen« is a vivid mash up between ballet, revue and contemporary dance and a whole family adventure.

The dance piece for young people is a magical pleasure for the whole family. (…) It is brisk, has a great sense of humor, poetry, playful ideas and enchanted costumes and for that reason it is ‘royally’ entertaining.

Braunschweiger Zeitung

  • Concept & Choreography Ilka von Häfen
  • Costumes & StageDesign Carolin Roider
  • Light Design Katharina Höffert
  • Dramaturgy & Dialogues Philipp Amelungsen
  • Photography Andreas Etter

Premiered 2014

Creation Cast Sara Angius, Anna Aristarkhova, Tillmann Becker, Bettina Bölkow, Abel Cruz dos Santos, Magnus Dovärn, Salvatore La Ferla, Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Reija Heinonen, Chris Jäger, Beatrix Koller, Gemma Miro Roca, Nao Tokuhashi, Charles Washington

Soon available for touring! For further information please contact management@janpusch.de