Nominated for the German Theatre Award »DER FAUST« in 2015.

With its refined and sophisticated body the human being is an amazing creation of the evolution. Our body acts as the interface between our mind and the world, between the internal and the external. Through it we perceive all sensual pleasures - as well as all suffering. The body is in need, aching, aging and eventually mortal. Release from this earthly vale of tears only comes with death. Bliss begins when the body has been overcome.

Long ago mankind has set off advancing its own evolution autonomously. There are new competitors to the religion’s doctrines of salvation: Various fields in neuroscience are intensively researching on actively modifying the human physique. But as an alive and therefore mortal matter the body will always remain insufficient. We cannot imagine living without a body yet. But what if in the future the technical and digital revolution will overcome the body? – An immaterial living with all sensory stimulus available as digital codes, bliss as algorithm.

A dance evening packed with food for thought, bursting with thrilling and bizarre movement ideas, sensuously captivating in a bare space, clocked with clear images to strong music, performed by the company with aesthetic excellence and charisma.


An impressive and dark tribute to the human body.


  • Concept, Choreography & Stage Design Jan Pusch
  • Costumes Wobine Bosch
  • Light Design Frank Kaster 
  • Dramaturgy Philipp Amelungsen
  • Assistant to the Choreographer Ilka von Häfen, Gilda Rebello
  • Photography Andreas Etter

Premiered 2015

Creation Cast Sara Angius, Tillmann Buala Becker, Joris Bergmans, Bettina Bölkow, Anna Fingerhuth, Yuya Fujinami, Alice Gaspari, Claudia Greco, Reija Heinonen, Martijn Dirk Joling, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Gemma Miró Roca, Nao Tokuhashi, Charles Washington, Mattia Saracino, Andrea Schuler

Cast 16 dancers

Stage (minimum) 13m x 13m x 12m (width x depth x height/flybars) - portal min. 11m wide - revolving stage with a minimum diameter of 12m (On request the production can be adapted to venues without a revolving stage.)

Duration 70 minutes, no intermission

Music (compilation) Deadbeat, Amon Tobin, Bach, Hahn/Hauschka, Vivaldi/Richter, Mozart

For further information and also video footage of the full length performance please contact